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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some show pictures from this year so far
It isn't easy to find the time to upload pictures from all of these shows that happen.  But, it does offer a glimpse of the family of pros that I work with.  So far this year every show that I have been on has had all of the A List audio heavyweights and no attitude.  Always a pleasure...

James Stoffo and Tom Pesa.  I cannot imagine what the wireless scene at Super Bowl would be like without Stoffo.
Me with James Stoffo, entertainment frequency coordinator and "RF Guy" at Super Bowl. I cannot imagine what the wireless scene at Super Bowl or any of the many shows I work with him on would be like without him.
Please visit James' site at http://rfguystoff.googlepages.com/home to educate yourself on the world of RF and the "white space" politics that will change all of our professional lives. Time well spent! 

Stoffo with his wireless crew
Shown here is the entire RF crew with no shortage of Helical antennas!
I have to include a shout out to the Bruce Springsteen sound crew.  Bruce was the halftime show for Super Bowl XLIII this year and halftime shows mean massive staging, intense cable and monitor system planning and implementation.  For this reason I have never allowed any other equipment than Audiotek to be a part of the event.  If I have to guarantee the success of the show then all elements of the monitor system have to be in my direct control.  Well, this year was the first departure from that routine.  Bruce had to have his rig that he is accustomed to touring with and that comes from Audio Analysts.  I have to say that Monty J. Carlo and his crew did an outstanding job of blending in with our scene and put all worries and concerns to rest as soon as they got on site.  I thank them for this.  Here they are, happy as usual, no attitude and ready on game day.


Sadly, I do not have a picture of the Super Bowl monitor crew that works with me each year.  They are the best at what they do and any success that I have had with monitors on the last eleven Super Bowls is due in large part to their constant hard work, planning and foresight.  They are George Schwartz, Jim "Redford" Sanders, Dave Ingels and John Protzko.  Thank you guys for continual great shows.

After Super Bowl it was directly into The Grammy Awards.  This years show included twenty four live performances on three stages.  I shared monitor mix duties with Mike Parker as we ping ponged acts between stage A and stage B.  The show was another, if not the best, example of some of the best audio professionals working together to pull off a massive event.  It is a pleasure working with all of them.

photo courtesy Jeff Peterson of Green Audiophoto courtesy Jeff Peterson of Green Audio
ATK Audiotek provided the equipment for the Grammys, as shown here, as well as Super Bowl, Oscars and, well, pretty much any show I am on.  They are the benchmark in this industry for technologically advanced equipment that is meticulously maintained, well packaged and great sounding.  My job as a monitor mixer is made that much easier with their M2 and M5 wedges.  Aside from their proprietary speakers, the processing that ATK uses on the widely available systems such as JBL VerTec line array truly sets them apart from other companies.

photo courtesy Jeff Peterson of Green Audio
The Oscars came directly after The Grammys, continuing what was a busy start to the year.  Many of the production positions at this years Oscars were filled with new people.  This created a new approach, much of which felt as though it was being realized and changed on site.  Again in reference to the pros that I get to work with, if it weren't for their foresight born from having done the show for so many years, the Oscars would have been a far different event rather than the flawless one it certainly was.  A seen below, Yamaha PM1D and PM5D were at both FOH and monitors.

photo courtesy Jeff Peterson of Green Audio
Seen here are Michael Parker, monitor mixer with Patrick Baltzell, system designer and House Sound Mixer.

photo courtesy Jeff Peterson of Green Audio

James Stoffo and Tom Pesa.  I cannot imagine what the wireless scene would be like without Stoffo at Super Bowl.
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